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miracle or fraud: the holy light in jerusalem (video)

(video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHNgMHTWEGM

(video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S66f87b05oM

miracle or fraud: the holy light in jerusalem


memniso apistein - kalopoulos


did you know that every year at eastertime, heathens and atheists try to discredit the orthodox faith?

this year, greek morning and evening shows were discussing
the holy light in jerusalem and whether it is, indeed, a miracle -- a result of divine intervention.

this discussion was sparked by michalis kalopoulos' book,
miracle or fraud: the holy light in jerusalem (in greek) in which he presents a scientific -- and natural -- explanation of the appearance of the light. a synopsis of the argument can be found here and ends with:

'the call of the ancient greeks was: "remember to doubt!" (*memniso apistein, a quote of epicharmus mentioned by lucianus in hermotimus). such scepticism can never coexist with "believeth all things" (1 corinthians 13.7) of the christian dogma. the death-centered christian worship with its oriental fixation in the phantasies of a life after death are incompatible with the spontaneous greek worship of our ephemeral life. of course our supposed soul-saviours are too busy continuously describing the coming end of the world with the bleakest colours- how could they find some time for science, research of nature and plain logic?

yes, for us the only holy light is the light of reason and continuous query.'